Print your Photos

A friend of mine has recently asked me to print a picture of her mother and stepfather. They have both passed away within a very short time. The photo she asked me to print was grainy and pixelated and very low resolution. But it was extremely meaningful to her because it was the only recent photo she had of them before they became ill. It is so sad though, that there weren't more beautiful photos that their family could look back on in loving memory.

Many mothers (especially) ask me to take beautiful photos of their children but they are not keen on being in the photos themselves. It is so important that you are. That you allow yourself to be photographed with your children. I have another friend whose mother passed away when she was young. She only has one photo of the two of them together. Her mother was always behind the camera not in front of it. That photo is so precious to her. None of us know what the future holds, how important those photos could become to our loved ones, if god forbid something should happen to us. 

And even if we are one of the lucky ones and reach a ripe old age healthy and happy it is still a very precious thing to look back and remember how we were. Because nothing stays the same. Life constantly changes and evolves. People come and go in our lives. Photographs are memories so precious.

My mother lost her wedding photos while she was moving house once. It is so sad that I don't have those pictures of my beautiful mum when she was young and in love with my dad. It is so sad that my children and grandchildren won't ever get to see those photos.

It is also important to print. Digital files go missing, computer hard drives become corrupted. We get so busy that we forget to back them up, we forget to print them. 

This post is just a reminder of how important photography is. That it is about creating memories for your loved ones. That it is a very precious and loving thing to do. Please be willing to allow yourself to be photographed. Please don't be ashamed of how you look. You are beautiful exactly as you are to your family.