How it all Began!!

They met at a friend's house in Bli Bli. Amanda made the first move.

Their first date was at Sunshine Beach where they decided to have their Engagement Shoot.

They love exploring new places and hiking when feeling energetic. When relaxing they like to play a board game or watch a movie.

Many couples have fun names for each other and Mandy and Zac are no different. Once Zac called Mandy a silly goose and since then they sometimes refer to each other as duck and goose.

Zac loves Mandy's caring nature towards him and other people.

Mandy loves that Zac encourages her and sees her as valuable and wanted.

Dear Zac,

The precious love of my life. I love you. I love how God created you and brought us together. I love how warm and fuzzy I get when you kiss and hold me and our afternoon naps on Sundays.

I love kissing your warm pillow lips and laughing at silly things.

I love seeing the funny silly side of you that no one really sees. I love making you laugh even if it's just a sneaker. I love having tickle fights and makeouts.

I love it when you saw me in my slim dress that is now your favrioute.

I love when I catch you looking at me as if I'm all you see.

I love spending time with you on the couch doing our own things.

I love how you would pause your video game and turn around in your chair smiling at me and tickle my feet.

I love how you have such a pure look on your face when our eyes meet.

I loved having outbursts of laughter watching our faces with the wide smiling filter on Snapchat. That was just the best!

I love you, I love you and hope that I always will.

I hope our life together will last for a long long time and we can workout life together.  Love your sweetheart, Amanda.


Your smile and laugh always captivate me.

I love watching you do the things that bring you joy.

I love being able to do those things with you that bring you joy, like going to the markets.

You've got a caring nature towards myself and others and you are so good with kids, that I will always treasure.

I'm glad I can encourage and help you do your best and overcome, even when you thought you could never succeed.

I love our adventures and road trips when we can truly be outselves and play our favourite sounds.

This letter may be short but you are sweet.

Love you.