Hello there, I am Esther.

Fun Fact: EeVee stands for the initials of my name EV Esther Visser.

I am a Photographer in Gympie which is in South East Queensland.

Photography is my passion , my love, my dreams. I want to create beautiful images. I spend my free time dreaming of ways to do this. I educate myself constantly to get better and better at my craft.

I want to provide impeccable service to my clients. I want you to have a great experience with me and go away with images that will go on your walls and be keepsakes for the future.

After all hiring a photographer is a very personal thing to do. There is a lot of trust placed in me and hope, that I can deliver what you want ☺️

So let me tell you about myself : I love Gympie - I love its friendliness and beautiful countryside : I love babies and children - I love their innocence and character : I’m a dog person - love my bulldogs : I love my little business - I always try to do the best job I can: I love my husband - he never gives up and I have so much respect ❤️

: I am also an Emergency Nurse - I work with some amazing strong people : I am English but lived most of my life in Australia- love sunny Queensland : I have 3 beautiful children- and I am so proud of every one of them. 



“There are photographers and then there is Eevee! I can’t express how much emotion that I see and feel with her photographs. Everyone who has seen the photos she has taken of my husband and my vow renewal has cried and that’s an emotion that will remain in our hearts. Beautiful can’t even come close but it’s the one word I’ll use in this review. Bless you Esther and Thankyou ❤️”