There are no rules!!!

I want this Photoshoot to be about you as a family.

A fun family time!! That is what I want to capture and I'm pretty sure you want that too.

BUT children can be unpredictable. So let's make it easier for them and everyone. Here are a few do's and don'ts


--Demand your children smile for the camera. (serious faces are way better than fake smiles)

--Discipline your children during a Photoshoot

--Get annoyed with them

--Demand they look at the camera ( I'd much rather capture their relationship with you or their siblings )


--Embrace their serious side (sometimes those pouty lips can be just adorable)

--Tickle or make them laugh rather than demand they smile. Let it happen naturally. Don't worry I will catch it.

--Play games

--Cuddle and kiss lots and lots

Most children are not really fond of being told to pose or smile. When they do it often looks fake or unnatural.

It is much better if we give them time to relax and I will try and capture their natural selves.

Don't stress if they are running about and active. I want to capture them exploring and having fun.

I want you, as parents, to just be with your child. Enjoy them for who they are, whoever that is.

Play with them. Give them your attention. Let me capture your natural authentic moments.

Those are the images that will be meaningful for you in the end.

To get the most from your session though, make sure they have had good rest that day and had adequate food and water.

I'm happy to take breaks if we need to for snacks and play. But I will probably carry on shooting even in those moments.

Bring wipes so we can keep their faces clean and just make sure they know what is about to happen and that it will be fun. Set the tone and we will remove any stress.

Let us all have fun together and the images will be amazing and treasured for years to come.