Here are some quick tricks for making certain your child or children are set for the photoshoot.

1) Make sure that the trip over is not rushed or hassled. Avoid last minute packing problems.

2) Let the child select their choice of clothing as long as they will also have one your choice too.

3) Bring more than 1 outfit anyway, simply in case of accidents.

4) Make certain they are well-fed and watered before they arrive. A light snack and drink thirty minutes before will make certain they are content.

5) With very young children try and schedule your Photoshoot around nap-time.

6) If you have an infant who is still feeding then that is fine, I completely understand if you need to take a break simply to top them up a little.

7) With babies, don't worry if they are asleep, frequently sleeping babies look adorable in their images.

8) Be ready with bribes. Hey-whatever works with your child. I will have some too. And Bubbles!!!

9) If the shoot is a mixed one with adults and children being taken separately as well as together then bring some toys for them to play with while it is your turn. 

And one last thing!!! Please don't insist your child smile for the camera. I will do everything I can to try and get them to smile and if they refuse then we have serious face photos. They will still be super cute. But we all get stressed and upset if you try and force them. A sweet serious face is much better than a crying, upset face and stressed out parent faces.