But I AM good at Photography

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Honest Disclosure

I really suck at selling. I know. There I've said it. I really do. I've read all the articles on how to sell, I’ve taken courses and I just hate it. It just makes me feel so uncomfortable.

But I am good at Photography!

And I am running a business. So what do I do?

Well I've decided just to make it easy for me and you so I can concentrate on doing what I love best.

I am going to make my family packages simple. No more picking and choosing, you get the lot. Either high resolution or web size (not printable). You choose what you can afford. You can always upgrade later. I'm starting here and we'll see how it goes.

But I do want to sell you prints and wall art. I love it. My images are not made to sit on a hard drive or just be shown on social media. They need to be on your walls so you can look at them every day and smile. I want that for you!!

So I am going to show you a series of ideas of what you can do with your images. I seriously keep my prices as low as possible so you can have them

And PLEASE do not print from department stores etc. They have absolutely no idea and they are cheap. Yes cheap in price but cheap in quality. They won't last and they usually mess with the colours..

I get my products from professional printers who take pride in providing quality archival products with a 75 year guarantee.

They truly are beautiful quality. You will not be disappointed. They may be a bit more expensive but seriously I could ask twice as much. But I'm crap at selling!!!! And I want you to have them.............