Your In Home Lifestyle Newborn Photoshoot Preparation Guide

Your In Home Lifestyle Newborn Photoshoot Preparation Guide


Congratulations. You have opted to do a lifestyle in home session. These sessions are relaxed and natural. I will include some poses but most will be about the relationship between you and your baby in your own environment. Lifestyle images are an ideal way to capture the raw emotion of the moment. They are real moments frozen in time captured for you to enjoy throughout the years ahead as your baby grows. They will bring you back to this fleeting time in your life.

Any questions?

Safety and Babies Needs

Utmost care and safety are my priority for every session.

The photoshoot is baby led. What does that mean?

They are the STAR of the show.

If your baby likes to be swaddled then they will be swaddled for most of the session.

If your baby is happy with no clothes then we can aim for those gorgeous naked baby shots.

If your baby needs a feed we will stop and feed.

If your baby is unsettled we will wait until they are settled.

If your baby needs to be held and doesn't like being put down then most of the shots will be in your arms.

Documenting Love

My whole philosophy is documenting the love you feel for your little one so I definitely want to include you.

But please don't stress about what to wear.

Neutral tones and colours always photograph well. Try and avoid logos and pattens on shirts. A pop of colour always looks good too.


I love to include Siblings

Their whole world has been turned upside down with the addition of the new baby. They need to know that they are still important too.

I am always conscious of safety and would rather photoshop a parents hand out than risk the safety of the baby. Sometimes it's actually nice to keep it in. A toddler needs full supervision and support with their new baby and I make sure that happens. With older children it depends upon their maturity and I will always discuss it with you and make sure a parent is close.

Preparation for the shoot

Be prepared, for me, to be there for a couple of hours. This is because I always allow time if we need to stop and feed and change the baby. .
Time of Day: I prefer to photograph your baby in the morning. Babies are typically more fussy in the afternoon.
I like to use your bed for a lot of images. If possible could you have light coloured bedding. It photographs better and is more flattering.


The Day of the Session....

If you can, please keep your baby awake for a little while prior to the shoot so they are nice and sleepy. But if they are awake we will do awake baby shots.

Make sure they are burped well prior to my arrival.

Don't stress about the state of your house. You just had a baby. I don't care if the washing basket is overflowing and the dishes are piled up in the sink.

Ensure any clothing is not on too tight to avoid red marks.

Clothe the baby in something easy to slip on and off without causing disturbance. I will bring several wraps and blankets for you to choose from if you wish.

Make sure the environment is comfortable for baby. Not to hot or too cold. Have all shades, blinds and curtains open to let in lots of natural light. I will bring extra light if required but beautiful, soft natural light is best.

Wear clothing that you feel comfortable in. I suggest colours that coordinate, neutral colours work best so the focus is on the baby.

Be patient. If the baby becomes fussy or alert I will try and get them comfortable again. But I will work with however they present on the day. Nothing is guaranteed except that you will have some precious images of your little one as they are now.

Most importantly RELAX!! I want you to just enjoy spending this time with your baby, soak in that new baby smell, cuddle and just "be in the moment"


If you have any meaningful props feel free to bring them out. I am open to try anything as long as it's safe and the baby complies. For example a shawl that grandma has knitted, an instrument that Dad plays, fun outfits etc.

Consider what you will do with your Photos

I offer professional quality prints, canvas and albums at a very reasonable price.

Framed prints

The Wood Print Collection

An Album

A Final Word

I love babies. This is such a special time in your life. Your baby will only be this little for a few short week. Enjoy this time. Relax and try not to worry. I want your session with me to be a relaxed and enjoyable experience. I love it when parents feels so relaxed that they take a nap while I am photographing their baby. I look forward to cuddles with your little one.

NB I am vaccinated and I will always wash my hands before touching your precious baby.