A headshot is not just a simple up-close portrait photo. It is your persona portrayed on a medium. It's about you, and as your photographer, it is my job to ensure I represent you in this shot. On your session day, I want you to be comfortable, relaxed, and in your element. Not sure what to wear? I provide some excellent ideas within the upcoming pages of this client guide. 


What to wear

1.Keep it authentic and genuine to who you are as a person. Don't overdo it! Be sure that this is something you are willing to wear in your everyday routine.
2.Sometimes, less is more. Begin with finding your outfit first.Find colors that mesh with your personality. Your outfit reveals who you are as a person!
3.Have multiple options! We can shoot more than one look to ensure we capture your personality correctly. Try to mix it up, go for a bold look with one, and something more natural with the other.

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What to Wear cont.....

4 Accessorize for the occasion. For men, put on those cuff links, equip your best belt, shoes, a tie, and maybe even a scarf. For women, put on the bracelet, necklace, earrings, etc
5.Try, try, and try again. Put together different outfits and see how they work together. Move around, look in the mirror.
6. With all of this great advice, it sounds easy, right? It can still be tough, Don't overthink it. Simple is best.

Five reasons you need a headshot

1. It allows your clients or potential business partners to know you before they meet you. As stated above, a well-done headshot will convey who you are! Your expression says it all, and we will make sure your expression shows your personality. 

2. It shows how professional you are. Having a well-done headshot conveys your intentions of doing business and makes you more approachable when it comes to potential clients, investors, etc. 

3. Your headshot can be used for so many different things, from custom proposals to social media. We can even take multiple shots with different expressions and outfits so you can use them on various platforms!

4. Consider it a worthwhile investment. You are investing in yourself, your branding, if you will. I promise your investment will pay for itself quickly. 

5. Relevancy, it's a simple as that. A professional headshot keeps you up to date! I recommend updating them often. 


I get anxious about having my photograph taken. What should I do?

It is perfectly normal to feel like this! Maybe for you, it's a new experience, or perhaps you just don't like it when attention is drawn to you. That's why we chat when you get here! It is my job to make you feel natural and confident.

Do I need to know how to pose?

The short answer is no. That is my job as well! I have been doing this for years and know what looks good. Let me capture the right angles that put you in the best light. It's what I do!

Can I use these images on Social Media?

Of course! Not only is it allowed, it is encouraged! A lot of people consider this branding and will have the same picture on LinkedIn as they do on Facebook.

Is there anything I should bring to the session with me?

Besides the outfits you must bring, perhaps you want to use props such as a work badge, mobile phone, laptop, or even a musical instrument. This will showcase your uniqueness.

Will this just be a shot of my head?

No. We will have a wide variety of photos done. Full body, waist up, and headshots! We will smile, act seriously, or even try some natural, personal looks.

Is it possible to have some done outside?

Yes. It's nice to get a variety of images for you to use. We will do some indoors and some outdoors in open shade for flattering light.

How long before I receive my images?

Typically around one to two weeks for me to edit and proof photographs.