So we're booked in and the big day is coming closer.

"Oh my goodness what do we wear?" Is probably the next thought that passes through your mind

I have some good news for you though. I've been photographing families for a few years now and I've worked out what looks best. I am going to offer you some simple suggestions to make the process easier for you and as stress free as possible.

Wear Outfits that compliment each other in both tone and texture.

Try to steer clear of matching outfits. Trust me on this one.

It really doesn't look good when everyone is dressed exactly the same.

It also tends to make the clothes the focus of the images rather than the people.

Images that show relationship and love are why you are having this Photoshoot. Don't distract from that.

Try and avoid all black or all white


I know we tend to think of black as a colour that slims you down and hides the least favourite bits about yourself. But trust me to pose you in the best possible light to do that.

All black or all white tends to dominate the tonality of your images especially black. Again it will distract from the real focus of the images which is the people in them.

Soft or natural tones, pale pastels, neutrals or earthy tones works best

This includes rich colours such as deep greens, Burgundy, deep blue, mustard and orange.

A bright colour pop can also work wonders at helping create an interesting image.

Textures work great ( denim, wool, linen, cotton and corduroy)

Layering also adds depth.

Remember this is just a guide!

Wear what you love and makes you feel good. Wear what you are comfortable in.

I had one family who wanted to wear all black because that was who they were and how they felt comfortable. There are no rules. These are your images that you may decide to put on your walls. Do the colours work with your decor? do you want these images to be pieces of Art that adorn the rooms of your home. Then think about colours from that angle.

In the end it really doesn't matter what you wear. My focus is capturing connection between you and your loved ones and that is more important than anything.