Five Tips

So many women say to me, "I'm not photogenic" or "I don't look good in photos"

Well I want to say to you, that every woman is beautiful and a photo is a just a click of a shutter and if that click catches you in an unflattering moment,

it will forever reinforce that belief in your mind.

So today I'm going to give you some tips so that when a camera is pointed at you, that click of the shutter of will produce a flattering image.

Number One- Posture

You know the drill- Shoulders back, Suck that tummy in, Hold your head up, Arch your back.

The easiest way to do this is imagine a piece of sting pulling you up from the top of your head. It's a simple thing to do but makes all the difference, believe me. Nobody except maybe a SuperModel looks good when they slouch.

Number Two-Bring your chin slightly forward and down. 

If you don't want a double chin in your photo then this is what you need to do. It is only a small movement otherwise it looks silly but it works. Just slightly bring your chin forward and then lower it just a little bit. Practise in the mirror. Believe me it makes a huge difference.

Number Three- Soft Hands

You may not even realise at the time that you are clenching your hands. It's a telltale sign that you are nervous or uncomfortable and can totally ruin an otherwise beautiful photo. Just take a minute to think about your hands before that click of the shutter. Another way to think about it is, imagine your hands are ballet hands, soft and beautiful. 

Number Four- Put your weight on your back leg 

This is the biggest slimming tip I can give you. By putting your weight on your back leg, turning your front foot towards the camera and having your body on an angle to the camera, it makes a huge difference. This is because what is closest to the camera appears larger. so by shifting your weight onto your back foot you are shifting your weight away from the camera. 

To enhance this pose even further for a slimming effect slightly lean forward at the waist. This means the camera is focusing on your face not your body and your body will look at least 2 sizes smaller. If you stand face on towards the camera with your arms by your side you will like twice as big as you really are and I don't think any of us want that!!

Number Five- Smile naturally with your eyes

A fake smile is obvious. When your photographer asks you to smile, try and think of something that makes you happy. Immediately your eyes will shine and even if that smile doesn't reach your lips it will be beautiful. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who is genuinely smiling with her eyes.

Well these are my five tips to help you look your best next time the camera is pointed at you. If it is me pointing my camera at you, I will remind you often to do these things, because my goal is to take beautiful photos of you that you will treasure forever. That is my joy and it gives me great satisfaction when a woman loves a photo I have taken of her. It means everything to me.