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The Selfie Conundrum

January 10, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

untitled shoot-173-Edituntitled shoot-173-Edit The Selfie

Ok I'm obviously not 20 or even 30 or even 40. But I have a business and I need to front that business so people can see who I am.

So I need a self portrait or a "selfie".

I hate photos of myself- There I've said it!!

I tell women all the time that they are beautiful and they are but I totally understand how you feel when you see a less than flattering image of yourself.

On the weekend it was my daughter's birthday and lots of photos were taken of me. I cringed at every one except where I was wearing my big sunglasses which hide all my flaws.

So I set myself the task of taking a flattering selfie with my iphone X. After all I am a photographer lol. I've studied lighting and posing. 

Well about 200 takes later I am reasonably happy with this one. This was not easy!! I can take beautiful photos of others but myself- not so much!

So I take it into Photoshop but I don't want to look 20 again. I want to look like me on a good day. So I've kept my wrinkles and bags and just softened them a little. Because I had the light right it didn't take much. 

Here I am!! It'll do. I'm happy with it.

I'm 54 years old. I have wrinkles and bags but I'm grateful to be healthy and happy. So I'm embracing myself and going to practise the art of the Selfie. It seems so easy when you're young and beautiful.

But for all you older women out there. Don't be afraid to try and find your beautiful and be proud of who you are.

And if it's too hard to take a picture that you love, come and talk to me.

Your family need photos of you but you may as well look beautiful in them ;)



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