EeVee Photography | Tips for girls to prepare for their Fitness Shoot

Tips for girls to prepare for their Fitness Shoot

December 15, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Katy Jan 2016-030-EditKaty Jan 2016-030-Edit


Fitness is all about being energetic, bold and bright and that’s where the colours come in. You want bold colours. Your pinks, your blues, anything that’s bold and bright. The matching booty shorts and crop top always looks fantastic.

Bring a couple of outfits to mix it up.

 Make sure your shoes are nice and clean!

Be well hydrated especially the week before. You want your skin to look clean and fresh.

Don't drink alcohol the night before and have a good night's sleep.

Make sure you are shaved. Don't overdo the make up.

Do some reps prior to your photoshoot. You want your muscles to be primed, to really show them off.

To show off your physique I will constantly be reminding you about your posture. You want to stand tall and be proud of what you've achieved. Show it off!!!



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