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Time for a little Self Love- Empower Yourself

November 29, 2016  •  Leave a Comment



Whether you come to me for a private boudoir photoshoot or a glamour fun shoot, the results are the same! I am here to empower you and make you  feel so special and beautiful that it would be such a shame not to do this for yourself.

The media is full of images and ideas about what it means to look beautiful, sexy-perfect!! Just because you don't weigh a certain amount or have perfect skin or have youth on your side, doesn't make you any less beautiful than another person. Real beauty is so much more. It is your personality, your life experience, self confidence, the sparkle in your eye, that is what makes you truly beautiful.

I want to find the things you love about yourself and concentrate on those things. I want to draw attention away from your perceived flaws and focus on the bits you love best. Just remember flaws are only flaws if you make them into something negative. Let me help you see your true beauty!

Do this for yourself!! It doesn't mean you're conceited in wanting some fabulous amazing photos of you. In fact it's the opposite, you are actually showing your inner strength and confidence.

Talk to me about anything you are less than confident about. I will do my best to bring out your inner beauty with different poses and lighting. A boudoir shoot allows you to see the angles and views of yourself that you don't usually see. It willl help you to see how beautiful you really are.

It is a positive experience. Feeling beautiful takes effort but it's so worth it. When you feel beautiful, you'll love yourself more and when you love yourself, everything seems more positive. Happy and positive people are more successful in life. 

Embrace yourself and do this for you. What happens on the inside is reflected on the outside. Sometimes we need to nurture ourselves and there is nothing better than getting your hair and makeup done and then having some precious memories forever.




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