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How I work

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Your images are captured in a raw colour format. 

After our shoot, I handpick the final images from the session and work with each selection to bring it to it's full potential.

These final images are presented to you in a folder on my website and also in an app so you can view the photos on your phone.

Most clients have approx 25-35 photos to choose from our time together.

I understand it seems a little odd to go through the photoshoot and hear so many clicks and yet only have 25-35 to choose from. I'd like to tell you about the process and explain why this happens.

During a photoshoot I'm making real time adjustments to lighting, to create the perfect shot. I'm also occasionally firing bursts of shots to ensure i get an image with no eye blinks and to make sure we don't get any shots of a person starting to talk or brushing hair from their face.

It's necessary to take these images, they are part of the working process of art, just as a painter sometimes tries a few colours before making the final stroke.

Because the images are captured in a raw format they need to be processed.

My job after the shoot is to discard the eye blinks, my test shots and select the real pieces of art that all the other shots helped create. I take these photos and spend a great deal of time working with them by hand to tone the colour, smooth out imperfections and produce heirloom pieces that are up to my artistic standards- the same quality of work you can see on my website.

I don't release any images not included with this set of final images because they were neither created or intended to use as final products- they simply enable me to work out issues that arose to ensure you'd get the high quality images you expect to receive.


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