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Body Image and Boudoir Photography

November 21, 2016  •  1 Comment

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Most of us struggle with insecurities about our looks and our bodies that affects our confidence in life and relationships. Me too!

We struggle with the desire to be beautiful, successful, smart, perfect wives, perfect, mothers, perfect everything.

Can Boudoir photography really help a women's confidence? I believe it can. That is why I want to do this. I know, what it feels like to be insecure and shy.

To have some beautiful photos of yourself, to realise that you truly are beautiful and unique has an amazing power to transform how you feel about yourself and your body.

Many women who take part in a boudoir photoshoot, do it, not so much for the benefit of their partners but for themselves. It is a great tool for giving you that extra confidence that you can take away and build upon.

A confident women walks taller, smiles wider, achieves more.

The media tell us that we are at our most beautiful  when we are in our 20's but it is usually older women who have the confidence to celebrate their bodies. Confidence, vitality and personality is far more gorgeous than superficial beauty.

In my photoshoots I want to show that. I look for that moment when you let your guard down and I can see that sparkle in your eye. That is why I get people to move and shake because it's in those moments that their true beauty shines through. 

Most women feel nervous and unsure at first. My job is to help you relax and enjoy the experience, to guide you.

It breaks my heart to see so many beautiful, stunning women who feel embarrassed and ashamed of their bodies. I want with all my heart to show you that you are beautiful.




Jada Burns(non-registered)
Words can not express how "freeing" it was for me to have a photo shoot with Eevee Photography aka The lovely Esther.
I walked in unsure and in pain due to a medical condition and soon felt like I was a Princess with just the right amount of "sass".
I would recommend this to everyone and if you think it is not for you,give the gift of a photo shoot to a loved won't regret it ....
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