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Planning for Great Wedding Photographs

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You know that I shoot a generally natural style, with some posed elements along the way, but that's not to say that we can't plan the day and the photography to make the most of all opportunities.

As part of the planning we'll talk about the schedule for the day, but we can also talk about locations, styles and fun things to do.

Time of day:

We're not going to get a huge choice in this to be honest, the schedule of your day will largely dictate when photographs can be made. However, dusk is the best time for your romantic shoot if we can manage it.


For me I'm looking for a nice big space I can fit all the guests in, preferably with an interesting background. Ideally I want to put the guests with their backs to the sun (otherwise they'll all be squinting). 

Your romantic shots of just the two of you are usually easier, because there are often lots of places to go for these.

Parks, Hillside, Beach?

I'm more than happy to shoot at any of these locations. What you have to plan though is the logistics of moving the guests around. How will they get there, how long will it take, how will they get to the reception?

Of course, if you want to leave the guests on their own for a while, that's much easier.

Guests with cameras

For me I have no worries about guests using their own cameras, and I'm more than happy to invite guests to come up and take photos at the special events, like the register or cake-cutting.

What I do ask is that where possible, they shoot right over my shoulder. I want everyone looking to me.

That especially applies to you two. If it's a formal photograph, I want you looking right down the camera, not being distracted by Uncle Eric taking your photo.

Video and Photography

I'm very happy to work with video people, just make sure I know. I'm pretty chilled about the fact that they need to do what they need to do (and so do I). I will chat with them and let them know what shots I WILL be taking and when I might get in their way, similarly I want to know what they MUST have in order to keep out their way at the crucial moments.

Photographs you really like

Please, bring them to me. I love looking at other peoples photography and if there's a particular image or style that you like then please show them to me. I try and create unique photography for you and if you show me images I can get a much better sense of what really turns you on photographically.

Key Photographs

I carry around in my head the list of key photographs that will explain the whole wedding day story, but if there are special events, special people or special times, then please let me know and I will incorporate them.

Planning for Flexibility

Ok, we can't control the weather and we can't control little children. I will check with you in advance about being flexible. I'm happy to adjust timings if the weather is poor, I'm happy to come back to children if the timing isn't right.

The one thing I must know is if children are feeling difficult at the formal group shots, must they be in, or are you happy to let them go? 


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