Five excuses for not booking a Boudoir Shoot

November 24, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Today I'm going to start busting the 5 excuses women make not to book a Boudoir shoot for themselves.
No.1 "I need to lose 5-10 kg first" This is probably the lamest excuse because it's the easiest to fix. The right posing, lighting and angles (MY JOB) will do wonders for your figure. Turn up to your shoot well rested and well hydrated and let me to do the rest <3

No.2- "I don't have a boyfriend/husband to give them to"Boudoir photography is for YOU! To have amazing portraits of yourself looking absolutely ravishing, to  realize your own beauty, is life changing.     

No.3 "I'm not photogenic"   It is possible to take a beautiful photo of every woman.
Directing, coaching, controlling light is a huge part of what I do and is essential, even in the images that appear candid. Coaching allows you to relax so you know exactly what to do and how to do it so you won't feel awkward.
Let me prove you wrong. You are photogenic- you just need the right Photographer :)

No. 4 " I don't know how to be sexy" or "I'm shy"   Good!!! It is easier to photograph women who don't have preconceived ideas on how to"look sexy"
I will give you the right cues to capture candid images that seem effortless and I promise never to tell you to "act sexy" lol
All you have to do is show up and I will do the rest :)

No.5 "I don't own any lingerie and garter/stockings aren't really my thing"  Awesome! There are so many alternatives to wearing lingerie- off the shoulder jumpers, beach coverups, button shirts, sheets, topless jeans. Any of these things can look elegant, classy and beautiful. Talk to me. I love new ideas and innovative ways of making you, look your absolute best!




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